Category: Museum copies Printed_Catalog

Category: Museum copies Printed_Catalog
KOUMATOS ODYSSEAS ceramics, Handicrafted Museum Replicas
LIOULIAS GEORGE ceramic vases, statues, ceramics
TRIANTAFILLOU SPYROS slabs, statues, chess, frames, cycladic idols
Avouris Aris & Co. Ltd ceramics, statues, icons, bags, rugs, confectionery products, candies, herbs, jewellery
Georgaras George statues from bronze
Georgopoulos Stavros big statues
Panagopoulou Antonia Statues
Pegasus-Andronikidou S. Statues
Pilotechnima - Antonopoulos Nick handmade ceramics, statues, decorative items
Tzavelakou Eleftheria statues from alabaster
Zontanos S.A. statues, jewellery
Category: Museum copies

Museum copies - www.Greek-Exporters.com - Ceramics, Handicrafted Museum Replicas,ceramic vases, statues,slabs, statues, chess, frames, cycladic idols,icons, bags, rugs, confectionery products, candies, herbs, jewellery,statues from bronze,big statues,handmade ceramics, statues, decorative items,statues from alabaster,jewellery. MVZ -- Guidelines for Import/Export PermitsThe Museum has a USDA import permit, a copy of which should be obtained prior Copies of MVZ import/export permits can be obtained from Carla Cicero or mvz.berkeley.edu/Import_Export_Permits.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- MVZ -- Tissue Grant PolicyThe Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ) houses a collection of over Requests for tissues must be accompanied by copies of all requisite permits . mvz.berkeley.edu/Tissue_Grants.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- DMAP: How to Export Distribution Data to DMAP from a Database what is procedure described below copies these two columns onto a new Based on a suggestion from Raino Lampinen, Finnish Museum of Natural History } www.dmap.co.uk/htcsv.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Collecting and Shipping Policy — Cornell University Museum of Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates Copies of all import/export permits must be provided to CUMV curatorial staff at what is time that specimens are www.cumv.cornell.edu/policies/ collecting_and_shipping.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Tissue Grant Policy — Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates must be accompanied by either by a museum invoice or copies of appropriate permits (eg, a US collecting permit or a country-of-origin export permit) . www.cumv.cornell.edu/policies/tissue_grant_policy.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- MM ContentThe Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery holds in trust what is collections given to what is Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property and what is Canadian www.maltwood.uvic.ca/main/policy/app_g.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] US FWS --File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML D. EXPORT AND RE-IMPORT OF MUSEUM SPECIMENS (US Endangered Species Act). Please be aware that an ESA museum permit only authorizes export, re-export and www.fws.gov/forms/--.pdf [PDF] cites permits and certificatesFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat need to provide a copy of what is canceled. CITES permit that accompanied what is import and export of museum and. herbarium specimens. Such www.fws.gov/international/pdf/cpc.pdf [ www.fws.gov ] MuseovirastoThe second copy of what is application form is what is actual export licence that what is following provincial museums are empowered to issue national export www.nba.fi/en/cultural_goods - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is BRITISH MUSEUM: World of Money, CD-ROMIf you would like to order a copy please print out and complete this form and send it to:. Marketing Department, British Museum Press, Bloomsbury Street, www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk/ worldofmoney/world_cdrom.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Legal Considerations for Zoological CollectionsWe include copies of our permit and what is foreign institution permit with what is OVERVIEW: Authorizes what is Museum to collect, keep, import, and export www.uaf.edu/museum/mammal/Procedures_Manual/legal.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- CIMCIM PUBLICATION No. It is becoming increasingly accepted that museums should make copies of their Shipment of Appendix I species requires both import and export permits; cimcim.icom.museum/iwt.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- www.Greek-Exporters.com - Export databank of Greece , www.Greek Export Databank of Greece. Worldwide Catalog that promotes Greek Producers and Museum copies Ceramics, Handicrafted Museum Replicas,ceramic vases, .../com/index/greek-exporters/title.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Invertebrate Zoology - what is ing ScientistsAll specimens brought into what is Museum are subject to international wildlife import and export laws. International what is ors are responsible for obtaining any www.nmnh.si.edu/iz/vissci.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- MS : what is natural ia Coal and Iron Company Records, -The first is coal export reports and letters from what is Philadelphia Commercial Item : Report copy from what is Philadelphia Commercial Museum to what is www.lib.utk.edu/spcoll/manuscripts/msfa.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- museums & galleries to what is Museums, Libraries and Archives Council when what is what is Export Licensing Unit Question: Applicant requested copies of correspondence sport ween what is www.culture.gov.uk/foi/_previous_ FOI_requests/Museums_and_Galleries.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Historic Items Worth £. Million Saved Following Export DeferralThe items saved have been acquired by museums, galleries and libraries in Media copies of what is report - Export of Works of Art -: Forty-eighth www.culture.gov.uk/global/press_notices/archive_/ dcms_.htm?month=December&properties=archi - -suppliers & manufacturers- [ www.culture.gov.uk ] Všeobecné informace o Národním technickém muzeuThe Friends' Club of what is National Technical Museum associates external If what is export does not take place, copies B, C and D must be returned to what is www.ntm.cz/avseobinfo.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Import and Export Restrictions for TravellersFor importing endangered animals and plants and products thereof from what is EU territory, a copy of what is import permit/re-export certificate, or a separate www.tulli.fi/en/_Publications/ _Customer_bulletins/other___en.jsp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Import and Export Restrictions for Traveller sports port permits are issued by what is National Board of Antiquities and Historical Monuments, State Art Museum, Museum of Ostrobothnia (Vaasa), War Museum, www.tulli.fi/en/_Publications/ _Customer_bulletins/other___en.jsp?style= - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] what is RAF MUSEUMFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML Both RAF Museum and what is carrier should have copies: Export Licence: An export licence is required when various categories of objects over a certain www.rafmuseum.org.uk/ /policy-performance/ documents/collecting_policy/MovementPolicy(vlive).doc [DOC] what is ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUMFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML In what is case of works of art, documents, photographs, films or sound archives loaned to what is Museum, copies will normally be taken for security and reference www.rafmuseum.org.uk/ /policy-performance/ documents/collecting_policy/Loans-inPolicy(vlive).doc National Museum of Namibia - MET permit renewalDid you export any specimens from Namibia during your previous fieldwork? YES, NO. .If YES: Please attach copy of details as prescribed in what is original www.natmus.cul.na/researchers/METrenew.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Kulturvaerdiudvalget - Report for what is Commissions followed what is National Museum's recommendation to prohibit what is export of medieval axes found in what was formerly Lake Søborg, www.kulturvaerdier.dk/uk/annual_reports/.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Tissue Policy - Burke MuseumSince , what is Burke Museum has been saving tissue specimens from birds and what is Burke will arrange appropriate US export permits, which may take www.washington.edu/burkemuseum/ collections/genetic/tissue.php - -suppliers & manufacturers- George Bush Presidential Library and MuseumBinder: SMG-NON [Copies of Shirley Green Robos on Specific Topics - fun Export Policy Toward Iraq [] [OA/ID CF] Export Policy Toward Iraq [] bushlibrary.tamu.edu/research/ find/foia/--F.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Orientations Asian Art Subjects Covered -- JAPAN: MetalworkEarle, Joe Object of what is Month, Japanese Export Lacquer Tankard Cutting Edge: Japanese Swords in what is British Museum NOV/DEC copies available . www.orientations.com.hk/xjapmet.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Orientations Asian Art Subjects Covered -- CHINA: TextilesMAR copies unavailable. Wilson, Verity Chinese Painted Silks for Export in what is Victoria and Albert Museum OCT issue unavailable . www.orientations.com.hk/xchitex.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [ www.orientations.com.hk ] MUSEUM SECURITY MAILINGLIST REPORTSRembrandt export blocked - museum jobs in Seattle, WA (Alisha Alderson) I found a copy of Larry Fennelly's book on musuem security for sale and tons of www.museum-security.org/reports/.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- MUSEUM SECURITY NETWORKMuseum Security Network. Web site and mailinglist devoted to all aspects of fun, what is icit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property www.museum-security.org/conventi.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [ www.museum-security.org ] Convention on what is Means of Prohibiting and Preventing what is fun, what is icit what is import, export or transfer of ownership of cultural property effected (b) (i) to prohibit what is import of cultural property buy n from a museum or a portal.unesco.org/en/ev.php-URL_ID=& URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- INSTRUCTION ON what is EXPORT OFb) a photocopy of what is applicant’s passport (in case of export of Buddha images what is photocopy of passport must be certified as true copy by what is related www.krabi.go.th/damrong/export.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- NOVA Online | Sultan's Lost Treasure | On China's ChinaThe Boston museum has a number of outstanding Islamic copies that can be NOVA: Is it true that porcelain made for export didn't have reign marks and www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sultan/china.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- MLA's International ActivityTo order a hard copy of this publication please email MLA's distributor, what is work of what is Export Adviser began in with a focus on museums . www.readingrollercoaster.org.uk/ action/international/inter_activity.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Regulations for what is Collection and Export of Biological Specimens including collection and export of herbarium and museum specimens, effective in Researchers are still required, however, to submit copies of their www.joethejuggler.com/Funbotanica/Permits/Permits.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Introduction | what is Garrett Archives | HeritageA descriptive catalogue, prepared in , is available at what is Record Office and at what is Long Shop Museum. Copies have also been supplied to what is National www.suffolkcc.gov.uk/libraries_and_heritage/ sro/garrett/introduction.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Potash & Company - China Trade Silver -He is what is universally acknowledged scholar and leading authority on CES; an author of what is landmark work, Chinese Export Silver - (copies can be www.potashco.com/potash_.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is State Hermitage Museum: ExhibitionsSince what is end of what is th century, all original creations were executed in two copies, one of which was intended for what is museum . www.hermitagemuseum.org/html_En///hm__.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Museum of Decorative Arts in PragueFour copies of what is application form for export license issued by SEVT Ltd. for each exported item. On what is first page please fill in: what is name of what is www.upm.cz/index.php?page=&language=en - -suppliers & manufacturers- User Agreement, Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum or use what is CPRR Museum or this website or any content, nor unauthorized copies thereof, You further agree to comply with all Export Control Laws, cprr.org/Museum/legal.html bookThe Ashmolean Museum's collection of Japanese export porcelain is perhaps what is most comprehensive collection in what is West. what is present catalogue includes only www.kit.nl/hotei/html/book.asp?BookID= - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Lacey ActAn obscure law called what is Lacey Act was updated - and museum entomologists now to make it easier for scientists to import and export museum specimens . www.boogieonline.com/revolution/science/lacey.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PPT] DSpace and China Digital MuseumFile Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - View as HTML Technical components built in China Digital Museum project. DSpace Handle protocol support; Export of METS via what is OAI-PMH protocol; OAI-PMH harvesting tool apsr.anu.edu.au/Open_Repositories_ /tansley_china.ppt Maryland Historical Society: Fell's Point Maritime Museum School Objective: Students will use copies of primary source documents to analyze what is trade and rum, molasses, and coffee for local sale or export to Europe . www.mdhs.org/learn_shipbuild_lesson.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- HONG KONG ART THREATThe law thus led to many bad behavior es from museum authorities at what is expense of collectors while export restrictions eventually resulted in Paris losing its www.artcult.com/.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Shop For Museums - A National Museum Fundraising SiteShop For Museums is a museum fundraising site that allows you to shop with You may not download or export software or technical data from what is site in www.shopformuseums.com/default.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Export of Antiquities or Buddha ImagesTwo copies ( x inches) of front view photograph of what is object(s); a photocopy of what is applicant's passport (in case of export of Buddha images what is www.thaichicago.net/clate/exportbud.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Questions and Answers about High Quality Fine Art Reproduction of -how to order a museum's replica or painted copy of Old Masters painting . Packing, export and import taxes and delivery by express postal service to www.artsstudio.com/reproductions/ new_questions_and_answers.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Terms and conditions of oil painting reproductions by ArtsStudio do not meet what is rigorous standards of what is commission are not approved for export . what is State Russian Museum charges a fee for painting a copy of an www.artsstudio.com/reproductions/ new_terms-and-conditions.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Cast Courts (Victoria and Albert Museum) - Wikipedia, what is free Unusually for a museum, what is cast courts house a collection that is of originals, but copies. Here are to be found reproductions of some of what is most famous en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cast_ Courts_(Victoria_and_Albert_Museum) - -suppliers & manufacturers- Krannert Art MuseumUpon termination you must destroy what is Apple Software, related documentation and fonts and all copies thereof. Export Law Assurances . www.kam.uiuc.edu/collections/ Explorer/vgallery/MacUser.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Alexandrian ScholarshipFor Alexandria, whose lifeblood was export of grain and papyrus to what is rest of what is what is Museum of Alexandria was founded at a unique place and time which www.perseus.tufts.edu/GreekScience/ Students/Ellen/Museum.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- MDA Fact sheet - Exit RecordsThe top copy must be kept in a safe place as it serves as what is museum's master what is appropriate export and customs documents (for objects travelling www.mda.org.uk/exit.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- MDA Fact Sheet - Accession Records of Wild Fauna and Flora) plus export and import permits where applicable . If it is simply a copy of a museum database it could become unreadable if www.mda.org.uk/acc.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Asian Civilisations Museum - Current ExhibitionsChinese export silver proved to be very popular with patrons and clients in what is West, and mere copies soon became Western forms that were elaborately www.museum.org.sg/ACM/exhibits/ current/exhibits_current.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- SpecialCopies of greek originals were very popular in those days. what is museum possesses an example, in what is cast of what is statue of Laocoön. This roman copy, after a cf.uba.uva.nl/apm/Special.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- IIRTF - Commerce Guide to Registering Foreign Companies in Iraqthe Registrar's application with two () copies of what is completed application (the application is available at www.export.gov/iraq); www.export.gov/iraq/bus_climate/foreign_reg_guide.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Texas Memorial Museum: Texas Natural History Collections- Tissue Donated tissues must be accompanied by either a museum invoice or copies of appropriate permits (eg, US collecting permit or a country-of-origin export www.utexas.edu/tmm/tnhc/tissue_grant_policy.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- from June , On what is very next day, April , , Dr. Rinesch sent his lengthy request for export permits to Dr. Demus, with a copy to Dr. Garzarolli thanking him for www.adele.at/Letters_to_the_Ministry_of_Edu/ from_June___/from_june___.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] For a number of reasons, what is blanket ban on what is export of File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML FR: Emily J. Sano, Director, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco poor in many that they regularly display copies, rather than genuine items. Indeed, what is www.aamd.org/advocacy/documents/ TestimonyE.Sano--ek.pdf [PDF] RICHARD GARRETTFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML the manufacture of agricultural machinery for export . Museum. Copies have also been supplied to what is National Register of Archives and what is Science www.suffolk.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/ FEE-E-AB-AFF-CE//garretts.pdf Japanese Export Furniture - IntroductionIn what is second chapter, I will discuss pre-Meiji export furniture, so-called republished by what is Tokyo National Museum in , became an extremely www.euronet.nl/users/artnv/chapter.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Instructions for cataloging gifts:You will need to search for and then export what is title . If a single record is found, what is screen will display all volumes/copies currently attached to www.albright.org/cap/giftcatinst.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Comparative Management Software Review - Product ReportsComprehensive evaluations of collections management software for museums, meant to assist ezMARC allows Import and Export of MARC data to catalogs . www.chin.gc.ca/CMSR/ index.cfm?fuseaction=SoftwareDetail&SoftwareID= - -suppliers & manufacturers- USATODAY.com - Houston museum's buy sends fur flying in Britain export ban on what is dog, and what is British Museum has until November to come up So famous was what is dog that copies of it in lead, porcelain and stone www.usatoday.com/news/world////museum-usat.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Education | Jehovah's WitnessesUnited States Holocaust Memorial Museum Copies were made from booklets smuggled in mainly from Switzerland. Initially, Jehovah's Witnesses attempted to www.ushmm.org/ /export/home/www/doc_root/ education/foreducators/include/menu.txt&bgcolor=CD - -suppliers & manufacturers- Excavations&fieldwork) TTS mails eligible museum(s) with copy of what is reporting form and copy of where is it to download Procedures for what is temporary export of finds from Scotland. www.treasuretrovescotland.co.uk/ excavations___fieldwork.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Documents and Pictures Act (Regulation of Export) Act, File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Application for a licence to export a cultural good is made to what is relevant national cultural. institution, ie National Library of Ireland, National Museum www.eu.int/comm/taxation_customs/ resources/documents/cgoods_irl_en.pdf what is looting of Baghdad's museum and library US government Dr. Dony George, head of what is Baghdad Museum, said, “I believe they were people who knew what they wanted. They had passed by what is gypsum copy of what is Black wsws.org/articles//apr/loot-a.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- CORNELIUS VAN H. ENGERT PAPERS: FOLDER LISTING CONTINUED Chairman of what is Board of what is Coca-Cola Export Sales Company, to Cornelius Van H. Engert, Also includes copy ALSs from Sir Aurel to Patience Maude, www.library.georgetown.edu/ dept/speccoll/fl/fD.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Culture Without Context: Issue , what is Looting of Cultural Material In fact, legislation allows what is sale of ethnographic material and copies of Museum and this service has no control over export - objects presented are www.mcdonald.cam.ac.uk/IARC/cwoc/issue/Mali.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- HuamachucoWhile Uhle, then, had a scientific interest in developing a chronology of pottery styles, his main task was to find and export museum quality artifacts . www.unitru.edu.pe/cultural/arq/wamachuko/.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] APPLICATION FOR A TEMPORARY MOVEMENT CERTIFICATE TO Temporarily File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML If what is application is approved, what is certificate and certified copies will be Import and export of plants and animals and their parts and derivatives is www.cites.ec.gc.ca/PDF/application_transit.pdf Resources and activities by either a museum invoice with accession numbers or copies of appropriate permits (eg, a US collecting permit or a country-of-origin export permit) . www.zmuc.dk/EntoWeb/ collections-databaser/tissue/policy.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Magazine Antiques: Chinese export porcelain from what is Leo and Doris Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum / Collections and collecting and many of what is seventeenth-century export porcelains were copies of objects m ade www.findarticles.com/p/articles/ mi_m/is__/ai_ - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] Advisory Council on what is Export of Works of Art (DCMS): report by File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML These were acquired by UK museums and galleries with substantial assistance In some cases these were what is last copies of th Century American papers www.sconul.ac.uk/event_conf/agm/ papers/Annual_reports_from_Reps_on_other_bodies.doc Does what is original matter?When you enter what is hall of what is "fakes" at what is Victoria and Albert Museum in London, one is confronted not only with Michael Angelo's masterpieces, www.zonezero.com/editorial/enero/january.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- AFFRICA FAQSome of these export curios were not even made in Africa. More on copies and fakes: If a piece has been copied, and is sold as such, it is an "authentic" www.affrica.com/faq.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Caithness CWS - History - Wick Heritage CentreYou can examine several examples or purchase copies made in what is Museum . coopers in Wick and they made barrels a year, nearly all for export . www.caithness.org/history/ wickheritagecentre/newwickheritage/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Official Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum and StoreSoftware from this site is further subject to United States export controls . and all related documentation and all copies and installations thereof, www.jerrylewiscomedy.com/copyright.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Marischal Museum Introduction page. University of AberdeenThe University will retain a copy of what is documentation . what is Museum is aware of what is fun, what is egal excavation and export of material in this area and what is www.abdn.ac.uk/historic/museum/museum_policies.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- Oriental Books, Japanese porcelain, Chinese porcelainLtd to copies. pages of text & pages of b/w plates. In red hardback cloth . Exhibition of Japanese export porcelain at what is British Museum . www.referenceworks.co.uk/oriental.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- David Howard, Chinese Armorial Porcelain, Chinese and Japanese This was written for what is exhibition of Japanese export porcelain at what is British Museum. Chronicles what is influence of these wares on what is European porcelain ceramicbooks.com/orient.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Product Listing - [CHINA]Crossman, Carl L. A Design Catalog of Chinese Export Porcelain for what is American Market. Salem Peabody Museum: . what is catalog to a loan exhibition which www.joslinhall.com/bookstore/index.cgi?exact_ match=no&product=BCHINAD&cart_id=. - -suppliers & manufacturers- IPM :: Instituto Português de MuseusFor more information on what is opening hours of each museum, please consult what is One of what is copies will remain with what is interested party, what is second with www.ipmuseus.pt/en/servicos/A/SL.aspx - -suppliers & manufacturers- National Museum Directors' Conference: News ItemCopies of what is Manifesto are being distributed with this month’s Museums Journal . At £m, what is overseas “export” of this sector are similar to those of www.nationalmuseums.org.uk/news/.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [XLS] ChartFile Format: Microsoft Excel - View as HTML , artistic works/objects and national museum BE. , ) Requests for export permits to deliver antiques and. , artistic works/objects from what is www.thaitrade.com/en/data/Idol_budda-eng.xls [XLS] ChartFile Format: Microsoft Excel - View as HTML Advertisement of what is Department of Foreign Trade on, Thailand, Museum,The Fine Arts Department. , , deregulation on export from what is kingdom of Thailand www.thaitrade.com/en/data/Art_antique-eng.xls MOAC - A Report on Integrating Museum and Archive Access in what is REACH (Record Export for Access to Cultural Heritage) was an RLG and Getty-led project to define a sort of "Dublin Core" minimal museum object record format www.dlib.org/dlib/january/rinehart/rinehart.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for Jul (pt )Quinquennial Review on what is Reviewing Committee on what is Export of Works of Art, November , February . National Maritime Museum Quinquennial www.publications.parliament.uk/ pa/cm/cmhansrd/vo/text/w.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- New Page what is Ministry of Foreign Affairs will receive copy of what is documents . It shall only be possible to re-export museum-valuable items or objects previously www.cubaembassyindonesia.or.id/ConsularAffairs.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- University of Oregon__The Museum informally endorses what is UNESCO Convention (to which what is USA has not yet become a signatory) on what is Means of Prohibiting and Preventing Export and arcweb.sos.state.or.us/ rules/OARS_/OAR_/_.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM BOARD OF TRUSTEESFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML export stop applied to what is figure of what is Vulture, what is Museum would be Copies of what is proposed allocation of Trustees to V&A departments were tabled . www.vam.ac.uk/files/web_minutes_sep.doc GI - Sydney - BMW Festival of German Cinema - Film Classic to purchase copies of German film classics for what is museum's film collection . Other preserved nitrate copies of what is export version, tinted in part in www.goethe.de/ins/au/pro/german_film/pages/cl_srl.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Commission on Export of Cultural Assets - Report for what is commission followed what is National Museum's recommendation to prohibit what is export of medieval axes found in what was formerly Lake Søborg, www.kb.dk/guests/natl/kvu//index-uk.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- washingtonpost.com: What Can Be Done to Recover Iraq's Art?In turn, what is Iraq museum's curators will be able to inventory their own holdings to help determine what may have disappeared. Copies of what is complete www.washingtonpost.com/ac/ wp-dyn/A-Apr?language=printer Wellesley College - Office for Resources: Gifts of Art/Personal what is Museum will not discourage gifts of individual objects or collections They will make what is final decision on adding unique or additional copies to what is www.wellesley.edu/Resources/ways/pproperty.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- DTI Export Control Organisation | Notices to Exporters |Export Control Organisation image. where is it to return to homepage . Exporters can get a copy of what is Regulation from what is Official Journal at what is following www.dti.gov.uk/export.control/ notices//notice.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] GN (Oct )File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML A certificate issued to zoos, museums, botanical gardens or other For all Annex A and B specimens, a copy of what is (re)export permit issued by what is www.ukcites.gov.uk/license/ GNGeneralguidanceImportersandExportersRevOct.doc what is Baldwin Project: Cleopatra by Jacob AbbottIn what is first place, it was what is depôt of export for all what is surplus grain and causing beautiful copies of them to be made by what is scribes of what is Museum, www.mainlesson.com/display.php?author=abbott& book=cleopatra&story=alexandria - -suppliers & manufacturers- Just Catalogued at Joslin Hall Rare Books -Bookcase TwoChinese Export Silver, to . Milton; Museum of what is American China Trade: . Edition limited to copies. A facsimile of two very rare www.joslinhall.com/justcat.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Lanka - Modern FakesThe worst bad behavior e was what is so called "Dutch Museum" in Galle, which displayed these recent copies among their coin collection, in an obvious attempt to give lakdiva.org/coins/fake/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, archives) Correspondence and orders regarding US Steel Export Co. contracts, - . Supplementary Letters Patent and copies dated June ; Nov . www.thunderbaymuseum.com/business.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] APPLICATION FOR CITES REGISTRATION OF SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTIONSFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Specimens are herbarium or other preserved, dried or embedded museum Import and export of animals and plants and their parts and derivatives is also www.cites.ec.gc.ca/PDF/application_ scientificinstitution.pdf [ www.cites.ec.gc.ca ] Research EthicsResearch must comply with relevant legislation and with Museum policies, such as those on collecting, import and export, animal care and ethics, www.amonline.net.au/about/research_ethics.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [RTF] _THE AUSTRALIAN MUSEUMFile Format: Rich Text Format - View as HTML genetic libraries, copies of Specimen DNA or RNA or chemical syntheses of . what is Licensee acknowledges that what is Australian Museum is what is owner of www.amonline.net.au/evolutionary_biology/ tissue/documents/licence_.rtf [PDF] Regulations for CollectionsFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML collection and export of herbarium and museum specimens, effective in March . what is Researchers are still required, however, to submit copies of www.joethejuggler.com/Funbotanica/Permits/Permits.pdf bookConsultancy & Research Training Museum & Theatre Library & Publication Projects Japanese export lacquer is what is first full treatment of lacquerware made www.kit.nl/hotei/html/book.asp?BookID= - -suppliers & manufacturers- artnet.com Magazine News - England in what is Pink "repeated delays" in granting what is Getty Museum's export license. what is temporary bar imposed by what is export review committee had expired last autumn . www.artnet.com/Magazine/news/laplaca/laplaca--.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Museum of Decorative Arts in Praguepublications) active programs) touch what is museum) creative studio) export Production of replicas, copies and adaptation. www pages and their use on what is www.upm.cz/index.php?page=&language=en - -suppliers & manufacturers- ARLISThe goals of what is session were to define what is visual copy, to look at what is early Thus began what is export of antiquity casts from southern to northern Europe www.arlisna.org/news/conferences/ /proceedings/session.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Museum Property Handbook ( DM Volume I) Appendix A Release Date File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Library and museum material made. or acquired and preserved solely for reference or. exhibition purposes, extra copies of documents www.doi.gov/museum/policy/pdf/mphi-a.pdf [PDF] National Legislation for what is protection of cultural heritage File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML within a reasonable time of photographic copies of what is article, and in that case he/she shall. not grant what is export licence unless what is request has been www.arts-sport-tourism.gov.ie/pdfs/ informationontheprotectionofculturalgoodsinire what is Royal Society for what is Encouragement of Arts (RSA) - View BooksNo of Copies : . Status : Available [You may read this title]. This volume considers in depth what is most up-to-date approaches to museum communication thersa.etailer.dpsl.net/ home/html/ViewBooks.asp?whichpage= - -suppliers & manufacturers- UNESCO ConventionCONSIDERING that, as cultural institutions, museums, libraries and archives CONSIDERING that what is fun, what is icit import, export and transfer of ownership of exchanges.state.gov/culprop/unesco.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Events | Australian Registrars CommitteeUnveiling Secrets and Lies - Authenticity and Ownership in Museum Collections · Conference Program. Note: Copies of papers from this conference are amol.org.au/arc/events.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- WORLDMAP DEMO transfer of scores sport ween copies of what is program running side by side on what is screen export of calculated scores for analysis by statistics packages, www.biologie.uni-hamburg.de/ b-online/ibc/biogeography/Data.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] IMM - Ch - Nonpostal Export RegulationsFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML each Export Commodity Control Number (ECCN) in parentheses. .. How to Obtain Schedule B. what is shipper may obtain copies of Schedule B for a nominal pe.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/manuals/imm/immc.pdf Nonpostal Export RegulationsTo declare a wildlife export, shippers must complete and file Form -, Declaration for Importation or Exportation of Fish or Wildlife, with USFWS. Copies pe.usps.gov/text/Imm/immc_.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- ANTIQUES; CHINA'S 'WESTERN' SILVER EXPORTS - New York TimesS what time is it ful Chinese copies of Western silver abound in what is glittering and Ruth A. Wilkins of ''Chinese Export Silver,'' published in by what is Museum of query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage. html?res=EDCFACA - -suppliers & manufacturers- Library of Alexandria - Wikipedia, what is free encyclopediaA reconstruction of what is main hall of what is Museum of Alexandria used in what is series they were likely copies produced by what is Library intended for export), en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_of_Alexandria - -suppliers & manufacturers- Stuhr Museum Final Report, Western Trails ProjectAttach copies of press releases, newspaper clippings, brochures, e-mails, etc. A brief article about what is Paine family travels was featured in Stuhr Museum’s www.nlc.state.ne.us/westerntrails/stuhrfinal.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Tehama Museum Collection PolicyCopies of documentation certifying to what is legality of what is collection, eg, export permits from what is country of origin, US federal or state permits, www.tco.net/tehama/museum/tcmnewpolicy.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Article on Japanese PorcelainJapanese Shonsui - Catalogue of an exhibition at what is Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, what is picture inside is a copy of a Chinese holy man in a desert, www.chinese-porcelain-art.com/ Articles_Japanese_Porcelain.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- US Implicated In Planned Theft Iraqi AntiquitiesDr. Dony George, head of what is Baghdad Museum, said, "I believe they were people who knew what they wanted. They had passed by what is gypsum copy of what is Black www.rense.com/general/impl.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Comparative Management Software Review - Product ReportsComprehensive evaluations of collections management software for museums, meant to assist what is client can print additional copies from what is PDF for free . www.chin.gc.ca/CMSR/ index.cfm?fuseaction=SoftwareDetail&SoftwareID= - -suppliers & manufacturers- [ www.chin.gc.ca ] [PDF] Scientific Collecting and Import/Export Permits for MVZ SpecimensFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Copies of all import/export permits must be provided to curatorial staff at what is what is Museum has a USFWS. import/export permit for migratory birds www.mip.berkeley.edu/mvz/collections/ MVZ_Guidelines_for_Permits.pdf CUBA servivios consulares document as those copies are legalized as well as what is original documents) . It shall only be possible to re-export museum-valuable items or objects www.cuba.fi/forms.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Rolling StockThe Gomaco Trolley Company of Ida Grove, Iowa pioneered this field by building three replica cars—copies of cars at what is Seashore Trolley Museum—for Lowell, www.heritagetrolley.org/planRollingStock.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- French Porcelain in what is Eighteenth Century | Special Topics Page A large Chantilly jar of about – copies a Japanese form, but its decoration depicts Chinese Export Porcelain at what is Metropolitan Museum of Art www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/porf/hd_porf.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Director's Report // to curate and export museum and gallery exhibitions for institutions in Europe, We have begun collecting Chicago art related archives, old copies of www.chicagoartfoundation.org/ html/director_s_report___.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Sepia - Working group on descriptive models: report ., FeltkatalogenThe museum does not loan out original photographs, but have compiled their own user-archive with copies of what is originals. Ideally, what is museum aims to www.knaw.nl/ecpa/sepia/ workinggroups/wp/feltkatalogen.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- www.Greek-Exporters.com - Greek Exporters Catalog, Export Databank Greek-Exporters.com - Greek Exporters Catalog, Export databank of Greece, Tools | herbs ines |Miscellaneous |Museum copies |Musical instruments |Natural .../com/index/greek-exporters/ categories/publishing.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Convention on fun, what is icit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Considering that, as cultural institutions, museums, libraries and archives Article what is import, export or transfer of ownership of cultural property palimpsest.stanford.edu/bytopic/intern/importing.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Taphophilia (dot) Com - Egyptian official demands return of what is And, while what is museum has great respect for Hawass' Supreme Council of Antiquities, Benjamin wrote that what is museum wants proof, including copies of www.taphophilia.com/ modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Proliferation Concerns: Assessing US Efforts to Help Contain In assessing current cooperative programs in export control, Reporters may obtain copies from what is Office of News and Public Information at what is www.nationalacademies.org/ news.nsf/isbn/?OpenDocument - -suppliers & manufacturers- : : Historic Houses Trust - Publications : :For media enquiries and requests for review copies contact Ruth Williams ISBN | Available in what is Shops at what is Museum of Sydney, www.hht.net.au/news_room/media_releases/publications - -suppliers & manufacturers- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand : : Tourism (Do's (b) a photocopy of what is applicant's passport (in case of export of Buddha images what is photocopy of passport must be certified as true copy by what is related www.mfa.go.th/web/.php - -suppliers & manufacturers- Namibian Cave what is or's ABCHowever, funds are limited, and what is Museum cannot subscribe to caving journals. Any copies of articles, magazines, unpublished reports, or even field notes www.natmus.cul.na/projects/cave/ what is or.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [ www.natmus.cul.na ] History News NetworkFor example, I have copies of what is first year of al-Arab, what is National Museum was looted of an estimated irreplaceable artifacts dating back hnn.us/comments/.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Center for World Affairs and Global Economy - EventsPlease contact Trudy Fredericks at fredericks@wisc.edu for a copy of this week's As part of what is Wisconsin Veterans Museum ’s Distinguished Historians www.wisc.edu/wage/events/events.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Truman Library - News releaseThe presentation will begin at pm in what is Truman Museum Auditorium . In addition to what is "Dear Bess" letter, copies of records of what is Community Services www.trumanlibrary.org/news/besstruman.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] . Registration Guide.docFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML () what is Registrar’s application with two () copies of what is completed application (the application. is available at www.export.gov/iraq); www.export.gov/iraq/pdf/foreign_ company_registration_guide.pdf OMTA - LegalUser Agreement for Mobeetie Jail Museum-Operated Web Sites Some software from our sites may be subject to export controls imposed by what is United States www.mobeetie.com/pages/legal.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Guide to what is Thayer Family Collection Creator:File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Copy photograph: Titanic lifeboats and Carpathia in New York. Folder . Thayer, and invitation from Philadelphia Maritime Museum to “Pleasures and www.phillyseaport.org/Thayer.pdf Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Sites on what is WebTo facilitate participation of as many museums as possible, what is MCN has created a "starter kit" for using EAD, which consists of a copy of what is EAD DTD, xml.coverpages.org/locEADSites.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] ANNUAL REPORT OF what is what is ORS OF what is ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM —File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Knossos of Arthur Evans, often known as what is Museum’s second founder. Following a temporary export ban placed on them by what is Reviewing Committee on www.ashmol.ox.ac.uk/ash/annualreport/AR--a.pdf Union Lodge No. Export Porcelain Punch BowlA wonderful example of this type of export porcelain is what is Union Lodge punch bowl . ( where is it Here) to what is what is Library and Museum of what is Grand Lodge of www.phoenixmasonry.org/masonicmuseum/ union_lodge_punch_bowl.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Organization for Tropical StudiesPublications Copies Research & Collecting Permit Requirements Export Permit A letter from what is Natural History Department at what is National Museum or from www.ots.duke.edu/en/research/permits_detail.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- Google Groups : bit.listserv.museum-lstructures inside what is database make it possible to export what is collection used to indicate what is number and locations of copies of a book or other groups.google.com/ /cbdb/ dddacb?q=MARC+bibliographic+holdings+authority&rnum= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Libraries and Museums -- Encyclopædia BritannicaVirtual tour of what is museum, focusing on what is import, processing, and export of anesthetic devices. Features what is discovery of curare, a display of chloroform www.britannica.com/eb/article- - -suppliers & manufacturers- IAF Museum. Hatzerim, Where what is lions restThe museum at Hatzerim pays homage to many of what is aircraft that served in what is Israel Air Force. From what is S-(Checz copies of what is german Me-), www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/ /iafm_hatzerim_article.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for Mar (pt ) National Maritime Museum, Reviewing Committee on what is Export of Works of Art and what is Solicitor-General: I can confirm that today copies of what is report www.publications.parliament.uk/ pa/cm/cmhansrd/vo/text/w.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Loans of items from what is collections of what is Jewish Museum in PragueThe JMP does not provide exhibition equipment or copies of items from its CONDITIONS FOR LOANED ITEMS FROM what is HOLDINGS OF what is JEWISH MUSEUM IN PRAGUE www.jewishmuseum.cz/en/azapujcky.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [Weblib] gallery/museum software experience?Our local historical society has a couple of copies of PastPerfect and some interns entered part of their museum and library collections this summer . lists.webjunction.org/wjlists/ weblib/-December/.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- African Arts: Gifts and Blessings: what is Textile Arts of Madagascar Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with Furl.net. It's free! Save it. National Museum of African Art Smithsonian Institution www.findarticles.com/p/articles/ mi_m/is__/ai_ - -suppliers & manufacturers- IPM :: Instituto Português de MuseusFor more information on what is opening hours of each museum, please consult what is This Export Licence (only available from what is Imprensa Nacional-Casa da www.ipmuseus.pt/sv.aspx?langID=en§ionID=servicos& typeID=a&contentID=&templateID=sl& - -suppliers & manufacturers- MSB - PolicyThe MSB requests two copies of what is resulting published work (one for divisional publication files and one for MSB library) sent to what is Museum division that www.msb.unm.edu/policy.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- George Bush Presidential Library and Museum amend what is Export Administration Regulations and were published in what is Federal Register ( FR - , March , ), copies of which are bushlibrary.tamu.edu/research/papers//.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | British Museum welcomes Iraq library projectOne is that what is museum would have to be paid for making what is copies but no Secondly, what is export of any replica tablets would have to be exempted from what is news.bbc.co.uk//hi/middle_east/.stm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] PRESS RELEASE Lively event at Vanderven’s StandFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML inscribed what is Ambassador’s copy of what is book, and was then available to sign what is copy. of anyone who went on to buy ‘Japanese Export Lacquer’ . www.vanderven-vanderven.com/media/ vandervenmedia/PressReleaseVandervennov.pdf Marnelos - Heraklion - Crete TOURnetCeramics, Museum copies. Facilities Shopping. Traditional product's exhibition, Export of products, what is ors at production place www.crete.tournet.gr/Marnelos-sm--en.jsp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Mega Shop - Heraklion - Crete TOURnetCeramics, Embroidery, Museum copies. Religious items, Bronze Statues, Jewellery. Facilities Shopping. Export of products www.crete.tournet.gr/Mega_Shop-sm--en.jsp - -suppliers & manufacturers- [ www.crete.tournet.gr ] Add new comment | Solomon Star NewspaperThere are copies of documents to prove this on file . Not only that but he is a founding member of what is Pacific Islands Museums Association of PIMA which www.solomonstarnews.com/ drupal-../?q=comment/reply/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- MORAWA DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY AND MUSEUM - MOTOR VEHICLE MANUALSTo obtain copies of required manuals from what is material listed below, please email what is museum with details of your request . members.westnet.com.au/caladenia/vehicle.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Alpha Omega : NewsOther preserved nitrate copies of what is export version, tinted in part in colors other what is most widespread version of Metropolis is probably what is Museum of www.alpha-omega.de/English/E_ReconstMetropolis.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- CAA | Guidelines | Art HistoryIf an art historian is asked for advice by a museum about a prospective A copy of what is CAA's Code of Ethics for Art Historians and Guidelines for what is www.collegeart.org/caa/ethics/art_hist_ethics.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Records of what is Department of Anthropology US National Museum Drawings for United States National Museum Bulletin Copies of address by Walter Hough, "master Langley's Contribution to Aerial Navigation," www.nmnh.si.edu/naa/fa/ms&pamphlet.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is CollectionsRoman bust, one of an important group of Roman copies of what is so-called 'Westmacott Athlete' (British Museum) type, after a Greek bronze by Polycleitos . www.soane.org/collections.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Royal Thai Consulate General , Los Angelesa photocopy of what is applicant's passport (in case of export of Buddha images what is photocopy of passport must be certified as true copy by what is related Embassy www.thai-la.net/etc/buddha.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Dalian China - InvestmentForeign-funded manufacturing enterprises with an annual export volume of over ¡ö Duplicate copies of what is business licenses for both parties (duplicate .dl.gov.cn/in/en/investment/_.jsp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Internet ShopsImport export of gold, palladium-silver dental alloys Open where are they now in a separate window Here you can buy Faithful Museum Copies of ancient Greek art, www.gogreece.com/internet_shops/index. html?PageNo=&pagesize=&sqlQuery=Sites+C - -suppliers & manufacturers- Iraq - Heritage in Danger: UNESCO Culture SectorUNESCO forwarded copies of these volumes to what is Metropolitan Museum of Art been looted from a site and cut into pieces in view of its fun, what is icit export . portal.unesco.org/culture/en/ev.php@URL_ ID=&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Athens : Shopping : Shopping AZ | Frommers.com more than years old out of Greece without a hard-to-obtain export license . /-), has museum copies of classical and Byzantine art . www.frommers.com/destinations/athens/.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Pan MacmillanWithin a year of publishing its first list, Pan's total sales in what is home and export market were million copies. By this figure had risen to around www.panmacmillan.com/aboutpan/history.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Art/Museums: Byzantium, Faith and Power (-) at what is what is Metropolitan Museum painting distinguishes itself from all what is related copies as it is what is only one with a gold background presenting what is natural in a www.thecityreview.com/byzant.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Science -- Stone (): Some museums are on Nauka's list of potential clients . with Russian laws on "export of cultural values" and on "guarding cultural monuments." www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/// [DOC] . SportFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML The Museum will collect in what is following ways:. Receive copies of official photography relating to what is Royal Marines, in various formats – negatives, print, www.royalmarinesmuseum.co.uk/ collectingpolicy-.doc [PDF] FMNH A & R Tissue Policy.docFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML The Division of Amphibians and Reptiles at what is Field Museum of Natural Service (CITES, E & T) will not be processed without proper US export permits . www.fieldmuseum.org/research_collections/ zoology/tissue_policy.pdf NotebookOn this occasion there is no doubt that what is products were made for export. Large quantities of porcelain were manufactured on which were painted copies of www.noteaccess.com/APPROACHES/ DecorativeAA/PChinese.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- FL Kenyon to JT Gerould and W. Austin: //Furthermore, I found no record at what is Museum of any charges against these papyri for what is Egyptian export tax, which Dr. Budge probably paid, or for a share www.lib.umich.edu/pap/ MichiganPapyrusCollection/Reports//___kenyon.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- TIPUTINI Biodiversity StationAll researchers promise to make available to TBS and USFQ two copies of any Researchers must provide what is information to process an export permit at www.usfq.edu.ec/tiputini/research.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Ukraine NowAt virtually what is same moment, other original copies of what is book were buy n in Krakow what is situation is worsened by a lack of data on museum collections, www.ukrnow.com/index.php?option=content& task=archivecategory&year=&month= - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Whole of Government Accounts (Designation of Bodies) Order Braille copies of this Statutory Instrument can also be purchased at what is same price as what is Resource: what is Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si/.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Alibris: OR Impeysee all copies from $.! . Japanese Export Porcelain: Catalogue of what is Collection of what is what is Ashmolean Museum has see all copies from $.! www.alibris.com/search/books/author/Impey,OR - -suppliers & manufacturers- Alibris: Oliver R ImpeyJapanese Export Porcelain: Catalogue of what is Collection of what is Ashmolean Museum, what is Ashmolean Museum has see all copies from $.! www.alibris.com/search/books/author/Impey,OliverR - -suppliers & manufacturers- Add Information Systems Web Server - Business PagesGeneral P. Pouscouloglou, Tranditional ceramic copies from museum as well Giannias Bros, Processing, promotion, import and export of all kinds of nuts . philip.greenspun.com/panda/aspharvest/webpages.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Waterways Museum Museum Page GooleThe Yorkshire Waterways Museum collection opened at what is Sobriety Project in You could even get copies to take away! No. Boat Hoist, South Dock, Goole www.waterwaysmuseum.org.uk/museum.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Business Wire: For what is First Time, Declaration of Independence "It is indeed an exciting time here at what is California Museum and an honor to bring what is first edition copy of what is Declaration of Independence is one of www.highbeam.com/doc/G:/ For+the+First+Time,+Declaration+of+Independence+Comes+to+SacramentoB - -suppliers & manufacturers- St. Croix SourceDec. , - Robert Merwin will be signing copies of his new book Friday evening, Dec. , at what is St. Croix Landmarks Museum Store at Company Street, www.onepaper.com/stcroixvi/?v=d& i=&s=ArtsFEntertainment:Showcase&p= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Factory - XXI centuryThe Factory also manufactures what is replies (copies) of what is XVIII - XIX centuries from what is museum collection, brand table sets with logos and monograms of www.--porcelain.com/factory.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Export New Zealand - ArticleBay of Plenty Friday June, at Classic Aircraft Museum Don't miss out on your FREE copy of what is Export & Trade Handbook , retail value $. . www.exportnewzealand.org.nz/articles.html?art_id= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Fossils and what is Law in South AfricaCopies of any publications describing what is fossils are also required to be submitted to SAHRA. Temporary Export Permits are normally issued, on request, www.ru.ac.za/pssa/pssalaw.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Breman Museum GenealogyAtlanta's Jewish heritage and Holocaust museum, teaching tolerance and personal If you want to export data from Family Tree Maker 's database to Web www.thebreman.org/jgsg/genfall.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Story of Maria AltmannOn April , Rinesch sent his five-page request for export permits for what is rest of what is Bloch-Bauer collection to Demus, with a copy to Garzarolli adding, financialservices.house.gov/banking/blo.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- NMBGMR Minearalogical Museum: P & P ManualB. what is Museum observes what is UNESCO Convention on what is Means of Prohibiting and Preventing what is fun, what is icit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural geoinfo.nmt.edu/museum/policy.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] what is SocietyFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat Momart warned what is Society’s museum. within hours that its property may have relation to export requirements, and patients www.pjonline.com/pdf/_donotindex/ pj__society.pdf Archives & Museum Informatics: Publishing: J. Trant and D. Bearman what is Art Museum Image Consortium: Licensing Museum Digital Documentation for make copies to include curricular uses that would not be possible otherwise . www.archimuse.com/papers/amico.spectra..html CEICOM CZHe is obliged to submit what is second copy during what is temporary export and return import to what is customs organ. what is temporary export of an item of museum value cz-icom.cz/ceicom/SLE_zakon_.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- CEICOM CZ Act no./Sb. on what is Protection of Collections of Museum Character and who intends to export a cultural object submits one copy of what is certificate to cz-icom.cz/ceicom/CZ_zakon_.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Wildlife ExperienceMuseum Orientations are offered monthly. You can download what is application from this website or pick up a copy at what is Information Meeting . www.thewildlifeexperience.org/general/volunteers.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] MSD leaflet .inddFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML copies to targeted decision. makers in museums and galleries museum and gallery sector. With . copies distributed to MA members and www.museumsassociation.org/ asset_arena/text/sd/publications_msd.pdf [PDF] MUSEUMS ASSOCIATIONFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Each member receives one, two or three copies of. Museums Journal and free ethical guidance to. help your museum. • free copies of what is code of www.museumsassociation.org/asset_arena/ text/-/jointhema_institutional-.pdf Vintage Sewing where are they now s from Vintage VictorianVintage Pattern Lending Library, This library makes copies of all of their patterns what is Museum of Costume was opened in what is Bath Assembly Rooms in . www.vintagevictorian.com/ where are they now s_sewing.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- California State ParksCopies of what is complete videos can be purchased at our State Parks Store. State Parks Store · Traveling California State Park Videos · Excerpts from videos www.parks.ca.gov/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- exporters menu Home accessories · Industrial materials · Jewelry · Machinery - Tools · herbs ines & Cosmetics · Miscellaneous · Museum copies · Musical instruments www.expohellas.com/expo/exp-menu.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] GramFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML See NPS Museum Handbook, Part I, Appendix R, Section F. for guidance on cold storage . Produce copies of valuable originals for research, copy www.cr.nps.gov/museum/publications/ conserveogram/-.pdf [PDF] Crating Museum Objects For ShipmentFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML case what is shipping label is torn from what is outside. Copies of each enclosure should also be mailed. . Cmting. Museum Objects for Shipment www.cr.nps.gov/museum/publications/ conserveogram/-.pdf [ www.cr.nps.gov ] River Road African American Museum - Donaldsonville, LouisianaThe River Road African American Museum is dedicated to collecting, While you may interact with or download a single copy of any portion of what is Content www.africanamericanmuseum.org/copyright.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Mineralogical Record - Art Museum reproduced here from copies in what is Mineralogical Record Linrary . what is Mineralogical Record Museum of Art is is supported entirely by donations from www.minrec.org/artwork.asp?artistid=&cat= - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is National Museum of Photography, Film & Television - EnquiriesBased in Bradford, West Yorkshire, this award-winning museum is home to Requests for copies of photographs and objects in what is Collections should be www.nmpft.org.uk/insight/apenqfaq_faq.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] what is RAF MUSEUMFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML Both RAF Museum and what is carrier should have copies: Letters or other writings written by or to what is exporter or what is spouse of what is exporter . www.rafmuseum.org.uk/ /policy-performance/ documents/collecting_policy/MovementPolicy(vlive).doc Nairobi Railway MuseumThe Unofficial Kenya Railways Museum Page . by what is CME's department (they will make you indifferent-quality copies for a charge of about £ per sheet; www.greywall. bad spirit .co.uk/rail/Kenya/nrm.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Rolling StockThe Gomaco Trolley Company of Ida Grove, Iowa pioneered this field by building three replica cars—copies of cars at what is Seashore Trolley Museum—for Lowell, www.heritagetrolley.org/planRollingStock.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Essays Papers - Museum ReportAs we reach what is museum, what is exterior was very beautiful . you must immediately destroy any copies you have made of what is Material whether said copies are www.helpme.com/preview.asp?id= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Business and Management Studies - Macon Museum of ArtMacon Museum of Art, a not-for-Profit Corporation, is facing major immediately destroy any copies you have made of what is Material whether said copies are www.helpme.com/preview.asp?id= - -suppliers & manufacturers- [ www.helpme.com ] Alexandrian ScholarshipThe Museum of Alexandria was founded at a unique place and time which allowed its scholars and in particular as what is major exporter of writing material, www.perseus.tufts.edu/GreekScience/ Students/Ellen/Museum.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Old House Restoration Suppliers & Services by OldHouses.com finished stoves and cooking ranges on display in our showroom and museum . Windows are hand made with each pattern limited to copies, signed and www.oldhouses.com/old-house-suppliers-services.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Legal Notice provided that () what is below copyright notice appears in all copies and that Copyright © Houston Museum of Natural Science and/or its suppliers, www.hmns.org/legal_notice.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Pa Freemason January - flowers nic Library and Museummccarty what is flowers nic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania maintains an immense Since that decree, every Pennsylvania flowers n automatically receives a copy . www.pagrandlodge.org/freemason//lm.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Center for what is Study of Beadwork--Ornament MagazinesArtGems Exporters (bead traders) and what is work of Michael Babinski, Mus. rev. Museums of Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin Availability: Copies, $. www.europa.com/~alice/Ornament_Page.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] STROUD DISTRICT MUSEUM SERVICEFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML The Museum should be sent copies of any press releases issued concerning what is what is Museum must be sent copies of what is final report (a library copy and a www.nottingham.ac.uk/tpau/ DerbyshireArchaeologicalArchives.DOC FAQA reprint copies previously printed sources exactly as-is . Midsize publishers include many university presses, museum presses, and specialized crafts www.lavoltapress.com/FAQ.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [RTF] GRANT APPLICATION FORM /File Format: Rich Text Format - View as HTML Please enclose a copy of relevant section(s). No:. Accreditation Action Plan (non-registered museums only. Please tick appropriate answer): www.cymal.wales.gov.uk/grant/appform.rtf Electric City Trolley MuseumAs part of what is Museum's Second Aniversary Celebration in , author Debra Brill, great-great-granddaughter of John George Brill signed copies of her www.ectma.org/museum.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Sculptor.Org - Foundries - Suppliers which are guarded in what is National Archaeological Museum in Naples and in what is what is world for our bronze copies of Classical and Renaissance pieces, www.sculptor.org/Foundries/Suppliers.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Wholesale Oil paintings Picture frames stretcher bars and Excellent museum quality is guaranteed for all of our paintings with our We guarantee that your oil portrait painting will be a true-to-life copy of what is www.painting-frame.com/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- History Box - Makers and suppliers of high quality reproduction As what is list of copies available is too extensive to put on what is website, we will constantly be changing what is images Museum and Trade enquiries welcome . www.history-box.com/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- Special Elements: SubjectType where are they now s to vendors that deliver electronic or print copies of documents to Suppliers providing cell cultures. herbarium/museum collections: curated www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/bv.fcgi?rid=help where are they now out. section.files.Special_Elements_Sub Fingerhut Museum ( Thimble Museum ( HistoryWe did publish it but part of what is agreement with what is publisher was that we would take copies ourselves. what is Fingerhut (Thimble) Museum was opened in www.romanticroad.com/fingerhutmuseum/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- newsCopies of what is "Unseen" catalogue are now available for sale from what is BPPA. You can order one by sending a cheque for £. (inc P&P) per copy to Tim Bishop www.britishpressphoto.org/news.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- CONCORDE SST : LATEST NEWSThe UK museums at Brooklands, East Fortune, Filton and Manchester all Stock copies of what is Book. Concorde at Filton offer it through their on line store, www.concordesst.com/latestnews.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- museumThis template was given to what is museum by Georges Grod of France. I would like to find out more about these "models" - was there a cardstock copy www.commercemarketplace.com/home/CollectAir/Museum.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Old Barracks Museum: General Information: Other Info: Rental Info Room and or Barrack Yard rentals at what is Old Barracks Museum shall be Copies of permits must be submitted to what is Old Barracks Association at that time . www.barracks.org/general/rentals/rules.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- MDA Fact sheet - Documenting PhotographsIf you are making a copy to add to your museum's permanent collection then it What about making copies of photographs already owned by what is museum? www.mda.org.uk/docphoto.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Willenhall Lock MuseumWith what is lock, were sent some copies of what is original paper-work that was in what is Museum's archive collection, detailing customers, suppliers and all business www.localhistory.scit.wlv.ac.uk/ Museum/locks/LockMuseum/News.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Fitzwilliam Museum - Dept of Manuscripts and Printed BooksThe Fitzwilliam Museum preserves fine printed books, music, autographs, Similarly, this volume, of which limited copies were printed under what is auspices www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/ contact/departments/manuscripts.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Ceramics Today - where are they now sManufacturer and exporter of hand painted ceramics since . Tableware, kitchenware High quality authentic copies of ancient Greek museum vases . www.ceramicstoday.com/ where are they now s/commercial.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Replica costume,period costume,historic replica,museum replicas,re Replica items for museums and collectors,replica costume,pewter,period glassware whether this means museum-quality, highly accurate copies for gallery www.replicawarehouse.co.uk/company.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- - Books and Catalogues - Dental Museum Collection Guide to RecordsA copy is in Dental Museum Collection item , Mus . History of Object. Phamphlet came from what is Australian College of Dentistry in . www.chs.unimelb.edu.au/programs/jnmhu/dhm/DMCS.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Google Directory - Shopping Visual Arts ReproductionsManufacturer of white marble museum reproductions . Custom order copies of paintings and drawings, current projects and advice . www.google.com/Top/Shopping/Visual_Arts/Reproductions/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- Google Directory - Shopping Visual Arts ReproductionsCustom order copies of paintings and drawings, current projects and advice . Manufacturer of white marble museum reproductions . www.google.com/alpha/Top/ Shopping/Visual_Arts/Reproductions/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- Business DevelopmentThe Canadian Association of Film Distributors and Exporters works with what is Over what is years, what is number of Canadian commercial suppliers for museum www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/arts/devel_artsandcultural-en.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Poznan-berlin.html. copy for Käthe Kollwitz Museum in Berlin, Dr Gudrun Fritsch, Curator of what is Kåthe Kollwitz Museum, Berlin. . Copy for what is University of North Carolina web.utk.edu/~imprint/Grabowski.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Collection Description Focus News BulletinsHaving found an item record showing, for example, that copies are held by what is National Library what is workshop was aimed specifically at what is Museum Sector . www.ukoln.ac.uk/cd-focus/newsletters/news.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] Library and Manuscripts Acquisitions PolicyFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML One museum working to fun, what is ustrate for everyone what is importance of what is sea, ships, Unpublished printed works such as theses and complimentary copies www.nmm.ac.uk/upload/doc/Library_Acquisition_Policy.doc [PDF] Furniture Agreement FormFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML the Museum for its own promotional purposes. what is Hirer shall procure that any. photographer used by what is Hirer provides access to and copies of and what is right www.nmm.ac.uk/upload/pdf/ Hire-terms-conditions-June.pdf [ www.nmm.ac.uk ] CIPO - Copyright Circulars(c) to import copies of a work (except copies of a book) for what is use of a library, archive, museum or educational institution at any time before copies of a strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_mrksv/cipo/cp/cp_circ_-e.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Press Release: //The exhibition premieres at what is National Heritage Museum, October , , broadsides and almanacs, her appointment as postmistress, and copies of www.radcliffe.edu/about/news/pr/ show_pr.php?pr_name=_enterprising.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Oil Paintings exporter Page - Oil Paintings manufacturers, Oil China Lianmei Oil Painting Co.,Ltd. is manufacturer and exporter of oil paintings in high We are factory direct museum quality oil painting company . www.tradekey.com/kpr-Oil-Paintings/page_no/.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- oil paintings exporter - oil paintings manufacturers, oil We are manufacturer and exporter of fine oil paintings on canvas/board in various styles or subjects in museum quality, high quality, medium quality and www.tradekey.com/kpr-oil-paintings/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- orderUntil now, generating paper copies was what is only way to access these older sources . Ceol Sean works in collaboration with what is Bagpipe Music Museum . www.ceolsean.com/story.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Chandra :: Photo Album :: Getting Hard Copies of Chandra ImagesIf you cannot easily download or produce hard copy in your desired media, on your school/district/museum or other official stationery and send to: xrtpub.harvard.edu/photo/order.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Sculpture Collection of what is Department of Art HistoryBefore what is acquisition of this collection, three plaster copies of what is Lack of space forced what is University to transfer its museum collections and www.helsinki.fi/taitu/taidehistoria/ kokoelmat/Kipsit/Veistokuva/VeistoEn.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Archives & Museum Informatics: Publishing: D. Bearman, New by David Bearman , Editor, Archives and Museum Informatics, Pittsburgh USA In what is cooperative as implemented under MESL, many copies of what is full www.archimuse.com/papers/db.mesl/economics.html Beaumont Heritage Society/John Jay French Museum, Beaumont, TexasThe archival collection, housed in what is offices adjacent to what is museum, includes copies of what is census, French's application for a land grant, www.museumsusa.org/museums/info/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- Stillman House Museum, Brownsville, TexasStillman House Museum with its exhibit room is one . of Mexican border cities from Matamoros to Mier (some selected copies are for sale), collected c . www.museumsusa.org/museums/info/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Astronomy Day PageAsk what is RASC National office for copies of what is general flyer describing what is Ask your local Science Museum for any materials they would be willing to www.rasc.ca/astroday/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- SAS Bulletin v.:/AThe British Museum in London is what is sponsor of an exhibition and a conference Copies may be ordered by check or money order payable to "Journal of www.socarchsci.org/bulletin//C.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Alphabetical - Weekend in VenturaCivil Engineer Corps-Seabee Museum Museums Clark Pest Control Pest Control Clark's Printing Printing & Copies Classic Kitchens & Baths Appliances www.laokay.com/vtdoNamesC.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Alphabetical - Day Trip to what is Inland EmpireCoachella Valley Museum & Cultural Center Museums Coachella Valley Pontiac Buick GMC Auto Dealers - Buick Coachella Valley Printing Group Printing & Copies www.laokay.com/iedoNamesC.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Society - HistoryPublishes annual reports and advisory notes, available in hard copy from what is Portable Antiquities Scheme, British Museum, London WCB DG, or on-line from www.richardiii.net/archaeologyresources.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Institut Lumiere - English - MuseumMake positive projection copies what is other important characteristic of what is Cinématographe is its capacity to make positive projection copies from a www.institut-lumiere.org/ english/lumiere/cinematographe.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Guidelines for AuthorsIf submitting hard copy, authors must supply eight copies of their article so A guide to museum pest control. Washington, DC: Foundation of what is American aic.stanford.edu/pubs/styles.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- GREEK - PHILIPPINE Ceramic Union wall terracottas, museum copies of vases and plates, hand-finished with scenes brings *OLYMPIAN* Ceramic Industry among what is top exporters in Europe . www.geocities.com/greekceramics/index.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Warwickshire Railways: Sources of PhotographsColour Rail have been supplying copies of colour slides since and continue to find National Railway Museum Leeman Road York YO XJ www.warwickshirerailways.com/about/photosuppliers.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- weavershandThese prices are for individual copies and include shipping and handling . List of Suppliers for Tablet Weavers*; Museum Archives - Canada and USA by www.weavershand.com/twistarticles.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Griffin Museum of Photography - where are they now sCalifornia Museum of Photography - Museum dedicated to photography carte de what is e or portraits of officers capable of multiple copies, and photographs www.griffinmuseum.org/ where are they now s.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] fluor SAP wsjFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your museum switched from PeopleSoft's financial-accounting software to archrival Oracle's. A few www.constructware.com/ Common/Downloads/fluor_SAP_wsj.pdf IBM case study on what is Museum of Broadcast Communications With help from IBM, what is museum created a digitized Requests for copies of tapes were another challenge, particularly when they came from broadcast www.ibm.com/software/success/cssdb.nsf/ CS/JSTS-FMTA?OpenDocument&Site=default - -suppliers & manufacturers- BroadcastHistory - Home PageNorthland Radio has quite a few manuals with copies available for sale and a Western Historic Radio Museum - Vintage Radio Equipment and Memorabilia, www.hallikainen.org/history/equipment/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] M&H Awards infoFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML from October , on what is Museums & Heritage Show. website. Alternatively please call if you. would like a copy to be sent by post . www.museumsandheritage.com/ files/M&HAwardsinfo.pdf [PDF] what is Radcliffe Institute’s Schlesinger Library and what is National File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML and what is National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Mass., announce a major national and almanacs, her appointment as postmistress and copies of newspapers www.enterprisingwomenexhibit.org/about/EWpressApr.pdf CSU Libraries: Apparel ResourcesTextile Museum Shop online database of over titles on textiles and Consult Sage or Prospector to locate copies of cited material at CSU or at member lib.colostate.edu/research/design/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] SEMLAC Museum Development Fund Small Grants Programme for File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML Museum Forward Plan,; Registration or Provisional Registration number; copies of any museum Policies relevant to what is area of what is application (access policy, www.semlac.org.uk/docs/museum/ mdobob_grantguidelines-.doc [DOC] SEMLAC Museum Development Fund Small Grants Programme for File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML Please enclose copies of what is following where appropriate: Museum Forward Plan, Registration or Provisional Registration number, copies of any museum www.semlac.org.uk/docs/museum/mdoken_grantsguide.doc [ www.semlac.org.uk ] National Museum Directors' Conference: Economic Impact StudiesIn what is South West Museums Council published Economic Contribution of Museum in what is South West. Copies of this report, as well as an executive summary www.nationalmuseums.org.uk/economic_impact.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Museum Security Network Safetyplans Website devoted to all aspects of museum, library and art security and museum safety . All Library faculty have been issued a copy of what is plan . www.museum-security.org/safetyp.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- MUSEUM SECURITY NETWORK, mailinglistsMuseum Security Network. Web site and mailinglist devoted to all aspects of will not automatically receive copies of messagesthat you send to what is list . www.museum-security.org/mailing.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- DTI Export Control Organisation | Notices to Exporters | used for public display in a museum in view of their historic significance . Exporters can get a copy of what is Regulation from what is Official Journal at www.dti.gov.uk/export.control/ notices//notice.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Digital Rights Management Guide - Producers not using DRMOther records are kept in hard copy format, such as records of what is various what is Museum is aware of what is potential for DRM systems to provide an overall www.dcita.gov.au/drm/.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] Where to Find Out More & SuppliersFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council www.mla.gov.uk Special issue of what is Museums Association journal Museum Practice (Issue , August , pp . www.art-works.org.uk/research/ sflfiles/where_to_find_out_more.doc [PDF] Where to Find Out More & SuppliersFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML enabling museums, libraries and. archives to review and develop learning To purchase copies of what is report, please send a cheque for £. (including www.art-works.org.uk/research/ sflfiles/where_to_find_out_more.pdf Chapter - what is Customer ManualCanadian Museum of Civilization; Canadian Museum of Nature Copies of what is agreements can be obtained from what is Department of Foreign Affairs and www.pwgsc.gc.ca/acquisitions/text/cm/-e.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Reproductions - art-online TM - what is Fine Art Directory by ArtpriceWholesale French furniture exporter of antique furniture reproductions and We sell Giclees from authorized sources of digitized copies of Fine Art www.art-online.com/category.aspx?id= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Collections | what is Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou Pocket watch, – London – Paris Example from what is collection of what is exporter Emil Zimmer given to what is museum as a present www.msb-jablonec.cz/en/collections/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- olive oil, juices, nuts, raisins, fruits - www.Greek-Exporters.com Greek-Exporters.com - olive oil exporters, extra natural e, essential oils, Tools | herbs ines |Miscellaneous |Museum copies |Musical instruments |Natural www..com/com/index/greek-exporters/ categories/agricultural.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Classic Motor Monthly - Short Runs; News from what is World of Classic Copies are normally £ post paid, but give them a tinkle on and what is HTC building itself will be sited close to what is Brooklands Museum and www.classicmotor.co.uk/short.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Important Legal InformationMuseums Australia National Conference . is granted by Museums Australia, provided that () what is below copyright notice appears in all copies and that www.museumsaustralia.org.au/ conference/disclaimer.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Smithsonian American Art MuseumFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat original print or a reproduction copy? It can be difficult to answer these questions without. taking what is item to a museum print curator, auction house or americanart.si.edu/art_info/ artdetective/research_your_art.pdf celex-txt - R -General open licences may be issued to museums or other institutions to cover what is COPY FOR EXPORTER. . EUROPEAN COMMUNITYEXPORT OF CULTURAL GOODS europa.eu.int/smartapi/cgi/ sga_doc?smartapi!celexplus!prod!DocNumber&type_doc=Regulation&an_doc= - -suppliers & manufacturers- CopiesCopies. All prices are in Euro costumes bear what is label "Greek Dances Theater" and are guaranteed for fidelity to what is museum originals in our collection . www.grdance.org/html/copies.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] GN (Oct )File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML General guidance notes for Importers and Exporters For all Annex A and B specimens, a copy of what is (re)export permit issued by what is exporting country . www.ukcites.gov.uk/license/ GNGeneralguidanceImportersandExportersRevOct.doc ARTICLE: Norfolk Southern marks th year with company museum Shawn Jacobs sets up a display Thursday at what is Norfolk Southern Museum. Norfolk Southern Corp E-mail clippings - Print copies Log in or learn more home.hamptonroads.com/stories/ story.cfm?story=&ran= [PDF] Guidance to Exporters of Cultural GoodsFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Guidance to Exporters of Cultural Goods. CODE OF PRACTICE. Responsibilities of what is Export Licensing Unit. what is Export Licensing Unit (ELU) of what is Museums, www.mla.gov.uk/documents/elu_guidance_leaflet.pdf Blacksmith's Gazette Issue ContentsIf you are not a subscriber and would like to purchase a copy of what is December issue, please send $. to: what is HAR-BER VILLAGE MUSEUM what is Market Place www.fholder.com/Blacksmithing/content.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Grand Arts: Allan McCollumAs educational aids, signs or props in museum displays, or curiosities, Natural Copies from what is Coal Mines of Central Utah enamel on hydrocoal - www.grandarts.com/exhibits/AMccollum.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- WSJ.com - Large Software Customers Refuse to Get With what is ProgramThis copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only . A few months later -- too late for what is museum -- PeopleSoft extended its support offer . online.wsj.com/article_print/ ,,SB,.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Jeremy Norman & Co., Inc.Limited to copies, this facsimile reproduces Tiemann's largest and most comprehensive From what is collection of what is Dittrick Museum of www.historyofscience.com/norman_publishing/ backlist/backlist_surgery.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- iBase - News - Archived News where is it here if you need to download a copy from what is Adobe website. December Alan Moir, Head of Libraries, Museums and Archives said: www.ibase.com/archive.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Patents: Other where are they now s - Part Specialists in Chinese patent data and copies. [US] Office of herb herb s · USPTO Museum Exhibits about patents from what is US Patent Office . www.bl.uk/collections/patents/oth where are they now .html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Add Information Systems Web Server - Business PagesGeneral P. Pouscouloglou, Tranditional ceramic copies from museum as well as private Lacomar Ltd. Manufucturers and Exporters of Greek Marble . philip.greenspun.com/panda/aspharvest/webpages.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Product Listing - [ORUGS] plates plus what is supplement catalog of rug merchants and exporters what is hinges appear New York Metropolitan Museum of Art: . copies printed . www.joslinhall.com/bookstore/index.cgi?exact_ match=no&product=BORUGSD&cart_id=. - -suppliers & manufacturers- Books about Oriental Rugs at Joslin Hall Rare Books plus what is supplement catalog of rug merchants and exporters; what is hinges appear to New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art: . copies printed . www.joslinhall.com/orugs.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Guidance to Exporters of Cultural GoodsFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Original sculptures or statuary and copies produced by what is same process. as what is original We will continue to consult museums and galleries and fine art, www.culture.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/ D--A-BEE-BCEC//CGGuidanceleaflet.pdf [PDF] Group Activity Registration FormFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Then climb aboard what is San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum and discover Balboa Park’s museum shops. what is Museum of Man has Guatemalan weavings and worry www.anestech.org/media/STA_TourReg_and_Terms.pdf Cheap Area Rugs, Oriental Rugs & Runners – Area Rugs at Discount Museum copies, sculptures, statues, mythology items, glass dreams and much more . Khawad Creations, Exporter, manufacturer and supplier of precious, www.superiorrugs.com/ where are they now s.cfm?select=K - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] KA /File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Payment must be enclosed when copy is submitted. Master Card welcome . Please contact: DAS VERBORGENE MUSEUM, Elisabeth Moortgart, www.worldofphoto.com/pdf-archiv/ /April_May/IC_.pdf [PDF] Kansas Humanities Council HERITAGE GRANTSFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML EXAMPLE: what is Mennonite Heritage Museum cataloged a -piece textile collection and offer what is archive what is opportunity to make copies of any materials www.kansashumanities.org/pdf/Heritage.pdf [XLS] Business Cooperation Database - Profile Extraction Produced what is File Format: Microsoft Excel - View as HTML Hanmade byzantine & classical icons, museum copies and Cyclades idols, ceramic relief faces, handmade cermaic gifts, hanging oil lamps, books with binding www.rpicpo.sk/clanky/profile_list_-_Sept.xls University of Delaware: JOHN ANDERSON PAPERS and claimed such clients as what is Philadelphia Art Museum and what is Franklin Institute, H Rx ( copies) Schoettle, WC, Bay Head: -, www.lib.udel.edu/ud/spec/findaids/andersn.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Jeremy Norman & Co., Inc.We have seen copies of this English edition offered on what is Internet for as much as $ . From what is collection of what is Dittrick Museum of www.historyof herbs ine.com/norman_publishing/ backlist/backlist_surgery.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] APPLICATION FOR A TEMPORARY MOVEMENT CERTIFICATE TO Temporarily File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML A - APPLICANT (Canadian importer or exporter). Name of person:. Name of business or organization (if applicable):. Type of business or organization: museum www.cites.ec.gc.ca/PDF/application_transit.pdf SCAM Information Sheet : Archive Preservation and ConservationMuseums with archive collections should employ, or have access to, If it is a popular item make a photograph or 'reference' copy from which further www.archivesandmuseums.org.uk/scam/Infosheet.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- SCAM Information Sheet : Access to ArchivesThe question of how to select some of a museum's records for what is permanent Create back-up copies of electronic data . Back-up copies should be made on www.archivesandmuseums.org.uk/scam/Infosheet.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [RTF] File Format: Rich Text Format - View as HTML The North East Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (NEMLAC) a registered charity Two copies of suppliers proposals accompanied by any supporting www.nemlac.co.uk/nemlac/ resources/MarketingITTRTF.rtf [PDF] North East Digitisation Report: NEMLAC AnalysisFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Additionally copies of what is toolkit will be. distributed to museums, libraries and archives within what is North East region. as part of what is dissemination of what is www.nemlac.co.uk/nemlac/ resources/VDCBriefingDocument.pdf [ www.nemlac.co.uk ] South Street Seaport Museum is published three times a year. It is a benefit of Membership. Individual copies and back issues can also be purchased at our museum store. Join Now! www.southstseaport.org/magazine/articles/-.shtm - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Presbyterian Church in Canada Archives - Records Management Can we store our records with a local archives, museum or library? We then store what is microfilm copy in what is Archives, and what is originals are sent back to www.presbyterian.ca/archives/CongregationalRM.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] TNNA Retail and Affiliate Member ApplicationFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML (guild, museum). A TNNA Retail/Affiliate member joins TNNA and pays dues for what is fiscal year (make copies of section to register additional employees) www.e-offinger.net/tnna/pdfs/formsCA.pdf [PDF] australiaFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML museums. And copies of proceedings of some past conferences. See what is website for a full list of publications and to download www.museumsaustralia.org.au/dbdoc/MA_membership_app.pdf InfoGr: London Underground Map ()It is worth getting hold of a copy because some of what is fun, what is ustrations are quite fun; Richards' products appear both in what is London Transport Museum, list.informationdesign.org/pipermail/ infodesign/-October/.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] australiaFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML enrichment of Museums Australia membership — JOIN NOW. using what is attached forms . Institutions applying for membership are required to include copies www.mavic.asn.au/membership/MAmembership-VIC.pdf [PDF] Members of NMSI include what is Science Museum, what is National Railway File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML An electronic copy is available through our Website at www.nmsi.ac.uk what is National Museum of Science & Industry (NMSI) is a family www.nmsi.ac.uk/nmsipages/documents/ sustainability/NMSI_SustainableDevelopment_-.pdf CMU Libraries -- Subject Guides: ArtMuseums and Galleries | Art Education | Art History | Art mp3y | Ceramics | Drawing | Graphic Arts/Design Copies of sketchbooks by various artists . www.lib.cmich.edu/subjectguides/finearts/art.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Membership Application OYOSFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML the museum community, discussions of current issues, articles listings of your colleagues in what is West as well as museum www.westmuse.org/membership_brochure.pdf Connecting Art Images and Bibliographic Data: Creating a Tool for what is Art Museum has been established as a virtual branch within what is University Libraries' catalogue in return for providing copies of articles through www.ifla.org/IV/ifla/papers/-e.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Export New Zealand - ArticleExport New Zealand is a national organisation, run by exporters, for exporters, Bay of Plenty Friday June, at Classic Aircraft Museum www.exportnewzealand.org.nz/articles.html?art_id= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Frequently Asked QuestionsNational Air & Space Museum - GPS: A New Constellation Limited numbers of hard copies of these primers can be requested by sending e-mail to our Public www.aero.org/general/faq.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Oaklands Historic House MuseumFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Oaklands Historic House Museum will be glad to furnish you with additional copies for your caterer, florist, or. event planner. Please read carefully to www.oaklandsmuseum.org/rental-contract-schedule.pdf Aboriginal Planet - Aboriginal Planet Business CentreFor additional copies of what is Directory, please contact DFAIT's Service Desk: This confidential database of Canadian exporters and their capabilities is www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/aboriginalplanet/ business/directory-en.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Publication Scheme - Information about Museum collections and Background information and histories of what is eight National Museums You can see what is Trustees minutes online or request copies, see section . of what is www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/ about/foia/ps_museumcollections.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Archives & Museum Informatics: Publishing: J. Trant and D. Bearman what is Art Museum Image Consortium: Licensing Museum Digital Documentation for make copies to include curricular uses that would not be possible otherwise . www.archimuse.com/papers/amico.spectra..html Megalong Games News ArchivesMegalong Games - Australian Video Games Museum, Lithgow, Turns out what is suppliers only have a few hundred copies for what is whole of what is East coast . www.megalong.com/games/news_old.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- UW Libraries - Drama :: Costume where are they now sSlides some from museums and can be purchased individually or as a set . "Vintage Revivals" copies of original patterns published by American pattern www.lib.washington.edu/subject/Drama/costume.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Membership Application FormFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Submit copies of these business qualifications: . hospital, youth or senior citizen group, museum, or other functioning entity which www.craftandhobby.org/pdfs/research/buyer_mem_app.pdf Directory of Lighting Suppliers and Lamps Suppliers in what is UKLimited Additions - Traditional museum-piece lamps Shop - specialises in restored antique lamp fittings and faithful copies of exclusive period lamps www.adriennechinn.co.uk/directory-lighting.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- UK Perfume Bottles Atomisers Wholesalers Suppliers - Wholesale Description: Paperweights Manufacturers of museum quality paperweights and Description: Silver and silver plate Fine silver and plate, exact copies of www.wholesalepages.co.uk/wholesalers/ suppliers/Perfume_Bottles_Atomisers - -suppliers & manufacturers- NordicArts InformationOnly what is best imported jewelry and museum copies from Denmark and Sweden, Norway, Orkney and Iceland. Also recently added to our range, handcrafted woodwork www.nordicarts.com/information.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Turm A/S - Welcome to Turm A/SFor what is past years, we have also been suppliers to what is Danish museum world. Our close co-operation with Danish museums ensures that copies are as true to uk.turm.dk/dk/olo_velkommen.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- Bergstrom Airport Art ExhibitAll costs to produce copies and all proceeds from what is sales are to go to TSOS. what is board also voted in February to send what is Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum www.tsos.org/news/_.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- D-Lib -- In Brief (June )Electronic copies of what is booklet can also be found on what is web sites of each organisation: Virtual Museum of Canada - Promoting Canada's Heritage Online www.dlib.org/dlib/june/inbrief.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- ISSN: - NEWSLETTER ON SERIALS PRICING ISSUES NO We expect royalty payments for all copies of our materials, HMS Victory and Warrior * New Forest Museum and tour * University of Southampton Library A www.lib.unc.edu/prices//issue- - -suppliers & manufacturers- Herron School of Art : IUPUI from what is publisher, which accompanies authorized copies of software . what is only museum in what is United States devoted exclusively to historic and www.herron.iupui.edu/new_web/ acad_programs/vc_resources.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] What is A PAVFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML What do what is archives, libraries and museums’ need to do? Hard copy of floor plans (if obtainable), including location of data loggers and other www.almlondon.org.uk/uploads/ documents/What_is_a_PAV.doc Concord ArtWorks Home Page. Museum quality framed oil paintings by __Other Art suppliers charge this much or more for paper copies or prints! — and their framework is not what is same quality! Additional Master Works will be concordartworks.com/index.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM PUBLICATION SCHEMEFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML Conditions of Loan information for museums wishing to borrow objects from what is V&A’s collections. Paper copy on request from what is Registrar’s Section . victoriaandalbert.london.museum/ files/file_upload/va_pubscheme_sept.doc Press ReleasesThe exhibition premieres at what is National Heritage Museum, October , , printer of what is first signed copy of what is Declaration of Independence, www.radcliffe.edu/print/?pid=& print_parameters=Fpr_nameD_enterprising.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Van Gogh Museum: Van Gogh's Studies (formerly Van Gogh Museum Journal)Since what is Van Gogh Museum Journal has acquired a prominent place in what is Patricia Mainardi, 'The th-century art trade: copies, variations, www.vangoghmuseum.nl/bisrd/top-----.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Van Gogh Museum: Van Gogh Studies (voorheen Van Gogh Museum Journal)Ronald de Leeuw, 'Introduction: what is Van Gogh Museum as a National Museum, Patricia Mainardi, 'The th-century art trade: copies, variations, replicas', www.vangoghmuseum.nl/bisrd/top-----.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Factsheet photosFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Some museums choose to display copies rather than original photos. If this is done, the. copies can be displayed in bright light for long periods - while www.scottishmuseums.org.uk/pdfs/Factsheet_photos.pdf Presentation in EnglishTo this date there are about two thousand copies in circulation . In what is city of Sundsvall a museum for photography in Sweden is planned . www.blf.se/omeng.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Product Design News & Competitions | Dexigner Design PortalIn conjunction with what is Milwaukee Art Museum exhibition Eva Zeisel: what is what is lady exporter of Olm Treasures Enterprises Inc., which occupied stall H, www.dexigner.com/product/news-.html [PDF] Family Photos Text File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Heirloom or keepsake photographs should be matted to museum. standards . photographic prints can be re-photographed and copies made www.library.cornell.edu/preservation/ brochure/FamilyPhotosText.pdf Terra Experience References & where are they now sMuseo Ixchel del Traje Indígena: A wonderful museum in Guatemala City dedicated to Many libraries also have access to copies through interlibrary loan . www.terraexperience.com/useful.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Colored Stone - Products & ResourcesPublished to accompany an exhibition organized by what is American Museum of Natural Copies are available through what is Jeweler's Resource Bureau by what is ing www.tucsonshowguide.com/products.cfm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Welcome to SharingHistory.com section will offer complete books and individual steel lithographs and wood cuts from unbound copies . museum and historical society gift shops . www.sharinghistory.com/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- Reference.com/Web Directory/Top/Shopping/Visual_Arts/ReproductionsA Painting Called - Copy of Mondriaan's "Victory Boogie Woogie" now for sale . Statues.com - Manufacturer of white marble museum reproductions . www.reference.com/Dir/ Shopping/Visual_Arts/Reproductions - -suppliers & manufacturers- NVN ToolkitFor example, what is attributes of a copier might be that it copies For example, a museum store will source its products from a number of vendors in order nvn-toolkit.seedco.org/resources/glossary/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- Evans Ranch Mercantile where are they now MuseumIndian Manufacturers and exporters of Indian Furniture, Montabeau - Fine Art Oil Painting Reproductions - Masterpieces copies on canvas and stretcher www.evansranchmercantile.com/ where are they now museum.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Field MuseumFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML LECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Exhibits and displays at what is Field Museum,. including “Sue”, what is display of “Sue” and. photographs and copies from these and www.hawthornpublications.com/pdfs/FieldMuseum.pdf what is Future of Video Art in what is Digital AgeThese must remain clean and untouched to give validity to what is copies . If museums had difficulty accepting video as an art form, what is press and public www.chart.ac.uk/chart/ papers/noframes/cavallo-collins.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- JanTo acquire permission to publish or distribute an image from a museum, library, ___, number of copies to be produced. ___, years of planned distribution www.pipeline.com/~rabaron/CIP/CAAdoc.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- herb Virtual Book Fair - Art/PhotographyPart of set with Electric Tattooing by Women. --- | $. | copies sold Published By Isadore Press at Triangle Tattoo Museum www.pma-online.org/pmafair/ showcat.cfm?code=Art/Photography - -suppliers & manufacturers- NBN - NBN TrustIf you would like to recieve copies, please contact what is NBN Trust NBN News is available in hard copy. To receive yours please contact what is NBN Trust www.nbn.org.uk/information/ info.asp?LevelID=&cat_id= - -suppliers & manufacturers- [XLS] ChartFile Format: Microsoft Excel - View as HTML , Exporter must extend licence every, ) what is license for antiques or artistic work/objects trade, Museum,The Fine Arts Department, Ayutthaya era or elder www.thaitrade.com/en/data/Idol_budda-eng.xls Preservation Resources and museums was developed by what is RPI Image Permanence Institute with support from Printed copies are available for what is cost of handling and mailing: clrc.org/progs/preserv.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- Mainline - Spring what is City of Baltimore and what is B&O Railroad Museum, what is only museum in Maryland Copies of Railroad Facts are available to non-AAR members for $ for one www.remsa.org/Default.asp?Page= - -suppliers & manufacturers- [DOC] Brokerage for manuscripts in libraries, archives and museums what is File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML Brokerage for manuscripts in libraries, archives and museums what is broker stores all resources (catalogs, copies of manuscripts) to be offered www.ub.uni-dortmund.de/listen/inetbib/doc.doc where are they now s etcI again appeal for copies of photographs that you may have in your photograph albums . Canadian War Museum - Information on what is Fort Longueuil fortships.tripod.com/ where are they now s_etc.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Royal Saskatchewan Museum: Research: Publications: Aboriginal HistoryThe site was excavated by what is Royal Saskatchewan Museum (formerly known as what is Saskatchewan Museum Price: free (limited number of copies). Back to top www.royalsaskmuseum.ca/research/ publications/aboriginal_history.shtml - -suppliers & manufacturers- Palaeontology Newsletter After this time, archive copies will be available to individuals and what is Ulster Museum, Belfast, is adopting this format for its major summer show, www.palass.org/pages/archive/announce.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Scriptorium - where are they now sNot museum quality nor for hanging on what is wall to admire (although you can buy Medieval and Tudor Jewelry, Accurate copies of medieval and tudor jewels thescriptorium.co.uk/ where are they now s.php?select= - -suppliers & manufacturers- What to do with what is fishtank? Practical storage solutions for what is one room in a local history museum can be made very close to what is what is copies may be digital if what is technology is available, or photocopies and/or john.curtin.edu.au/aboutus/papers/dwlibtech.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- guelpharts.ca: where are they now s and Related ResourcesThe website includes copies of what is Act, information on disputes and resolutions and where are they now s to It also offers where are they now s to Guelph Museums , Guelph Libraries, guelpharts.ca/ where are they now s.php - -suppliers & manufacturers- R&A.HTMIf you would like a copy of what is full printed version (including photographs what is Museum acquired a number of specimens from suppliers and rock and fossil myweb.tiscali.co.uk/stonemuseum/r&a.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- what is Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Astronomy Day PageThe Manitoba Museum, Science Gallery and Planetarium (located a short walk Ask what is RASC National office for copies of what is general flyer describing what is www.rasc.ca/astroday// - -suppliers & manufacturers- On what is Dot - // - Publishers WeeklyMarkono typically distributes what is printed copies all over what is world as required by "We have been doing this type of work for what is museum since . www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA. html?pubdate=FF&display=archive People's Daily Online -- Israel donates copies of Einstein's Ten copies of letters exchanged sport ween Albert Einstein and noted Greek mathematician Constantinos Karatheodoris that are held at what is Einstein Museum in english.people.com.cn///eng_.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- FITZHUGH GREEN, SR. PAPERS: FOLDER LISTING CONTINUED American Museum of Natural History and what is American Geographical Society . DESCRIPTION: Contains copy of what is booklet written by FG for a program of www.library.georgetown.edu/ dept/speccoll/fl/fD.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- MUSEUM-L Archives -- October , week (#)Date: Tue, Oct :: PDT Reply-To: Museum discussion list [log finite copies haven't already been produced, packaged, & distributed . home.ease.lsoft.com/scripts/ wa.exe?A=indd&L=museum-l&T=&P= - -suppliers & manufacturers- MUSEUM-L Archives -- October , week (#)Date: Wed, Oct :: - Reply-To: Museum discussion list [log in to eg Attic Copies, Past Patterns, Old World Enterprises, Folkwear etc . home.ease.lsoft.com/scripts/ wa.exe?A=indd&L=museum-l&T=&P= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Military music of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich tawdry, pirated CD copies using colour photocopied covers, whatever what is We also support and supply a number of famous Second World War Museums, www.tomahawkfilms.com/ - -suppliers & manufacturers- Library Binding Institute - Home contact what is NEH and request copies of what is committee evaluator comments; Awards made include ones to what is Customs House Museum and Cultural Center www.lbibinders.org/home.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- Iraq Profile - Doing business - For Australian Exporters - Export Trade events, new exporter programs, export grants, e-business export . what is Registrar's application with two copies of what is completed application . www.austrade.gov.au/australia/layout/ ,,_S-_CLNTXID-_-_PWB-_doingbusiness-_-_-_,.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- For Australian Exporters - Export assistance, grants, and help. -One copy is usually sufficient. Must indicate FOB foreign part value Converted in from a natural history museum to a repository of Spanish art held www.austrade.gov.au/australia/layout/ ,,_S-_CLNTXID-_-_PWB-_-_-_-_,.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- Aperture Foundation | About | Work Scholar ProgramInterns receive a stipend of $ per month and complimentary copies of Responsibilities include: picture and text research; contacting museums, www.aperture.org/store/about-workscholar.aspx - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] What can what is CLEAPSS School Science Service do for you?File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML As issued. Back copies. for a small. charge. Teacher-Training. Establishments,. Field Study Centres,. Museums,. Curriculum. Developers, etc. Flat rate www.cleapss.org.uk/member/associate.pdf Hagley Museum: Conferences, Seminars, Call for PapersBanner Image: Detail from November conference poster, Hagley Museum and Library . To join what is seminar mailing list and obtain copies of what is papers, www.hagley.lib.de.us/conferences.html - -suppliers & manufacturers- DVD Times - Discovering Korean Cinema: RomanceArt Museum By what is Zoo is a character driven film that relies almost entirely Limited initial copies of what is Korean edition came with a soundtrack CD but www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Rapid Prototyping – Production of Museum Models by SterolithographyDemanding absolute accuracy, what is museum turned to rapid prototyping what is scale models were used in a rubber tooling process to create multiple copies . www.azom.com/details.asp?ArticleID= - -suppliers & manufacturers- Theatre Design where are they now s | Scenography | what is Theatre Design Website Hour Museum is what is UK’s official guide to over museums, galleries, On this site you will find what is British LibraryÕs copies of what is plays by www.scenography.co.uk/ where are they now s.php - -suppliers & manufacturers- CPRR Discussion Group - Central Pacific Railroad Photographic Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum I've gone through my newspsper copies/notes for what is last half of . what is earliest reference I cprr.org/CPRR_Discussion_Group/ //first-coal-burning-engine-in-west.html www.Greek-Exporters.com - Clothing: Knitwear Factorys - Imports Find all Greek Exporters & Importers in our Printed Catalog Tools | herbs ines |Miscellaneous |Museum copies |Musical instruments |Natural Products |Ores www..com/com/index/ greek-exporters/categories/clothing.asp - -suppliers & manufacturers- [RTF] INSTITUTIONAL GRANTSFile Format: Rich Text Format - View as HTML One with original signatures for Alberta Museums Association files; Three copies - one for each member of what is Grant Jury; One copy for what is Grant Jury www.museumsalberta.ab.ca/grants/Regional.rtf [DOC] deltatech PFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML Our offices are located at what is spacious Museum Hill Centre on Museum Hill road . Ricoh also excels in Digital Duplicators (Copy Printers), www.unjlc.org///suppliers/ furniture/resolveuid/ddbcdabbbabc Melbourne Museum of Printing - Business Document CollectionMelbourne Museum of Printing what is order received, what is job-bag containing instructions, proofs and perhaps finished copies, and what is invoice issued . home.vicnet.net.au/~typo/collect/business/-busines.htm - -suppliers & manufacturers- [PDF] Recreatives Industries: Exporter of what is YearFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat Receive extra copies. for your own distribution. • Online publication of. what is newsletter on what is Asia Society and Museum, Park Avenue, New York . www.thinkglobal.net/Newsletters/ _Q/_pdfs/NY_Q__web.pdf

1Find all Greek Exporters & Importers in our Printed Catalog

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